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The chosen ones

In the world of Thasys, most races rely on Mana to survive. This magical energy is now growing scarce, and wars for survival are devastating the land as magical beings fight over the last scraps of Mana.
A few chosen ones, children of the feeble and powerless humans, are rising to save Thasys.
These prodigies are the Watchers.

Watchers & Guardians

The Watchers bear the heritage and power of the almighty Dragons.
They share a harmonious bond with Guardians, magical creatures with limitless powers. The Guardians are the mirror of the prodigies’ souls; raw power and will made flesh.
These creatures are the only ones still able to create Mana... the chosen saviors of the world.


The humans, also known as sanuras, are the oldest lineage of Thasys. The mana brought by Dragons transformed them into new and magical races. Those who resisted the mutation possessed a natural resistance to magic - a gift that make sanuras the only ones able to manipulate manasteel, a magical metal.
Fate is blind to those who are devoid of magic: the sanuras have no destiny, and embody the purest form of free will.
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The gerlins are wild creatures with a taste for mischievous cruelty. Gerlins generally live in small primitive tribes but sometimes, a king rises among them and unites them under a structured feudal system. The gerlins then gain a fearsome power and influence - and, truth be told, you’d rather be their friend than their enemy.
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The witches are a lineage of Thasys, former human women cursed with the ability to create artificial fates. A witch can bound herself to any victim and her pain becomes theirs: the witches give in to suffering in order to crush their enemies.
The ancient malediction that created witches is now weak, and the women need to burn their own sisters in order to restore their powers - or face extinction.
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The alhakés are one of the lineages of Thasys that humans call people of the lanterns. Their lifestyle revolves around magical flowers hanging from giant trees. When an alhaké is injured, they enter a flower and are cured.
Alhakés can live virtually forever, but each regeneration erases their memories: it is impossible for them to know their own age, or to form any real relationships.
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