Gameplay presentation
A new tactical RPG played with figurines!
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Prodigy is a turn-based tactical RPG featuring high quality figurines for PC. Manipulate magical objects to fight epic battles, follow a heroic campaign and challenge other players!
Prodigy's gameplay focuses on squad-based combat on a physical board for deep-thinking and fast-paced 1v1 fights.
Prodigy is a new way to play without any keyboard, mouse or joypad.

Gather your company

Each character is represented by a 60mm figurine. Just place it on your board and see it come alive onscreen!
Each character has their own name, combat abilities, story and personality. Their figurine stores its own experience: the skills and story you choose for your characters make them completely unique. Customize your characters and create the perfect Company!

The board

The board allows you to enter tactical combat in a brand new way. The 12 squares of the game board contain NFC antennas which can detect every single movement your characters make during a battle - and backlights color the squares to make each fight even more dynamic.
Your board, your figurines and a few cards: that’s all you need to play Prodigy.

The symbol of power

In addition to your figurines, you own a magical Symbol of Power.
This object provides secure access to your profile and Companies, and stores your identity as a player of Prodigy.

Deep tactical battles

Fight epic battles in a turn-by-turn combat system. Maneuver your company wisely, place your characters on Mana sources and use their unique abilities, and call for reinforcements when you are outnumbered!
Build a shrewd strategy and crush your opponent!

Solo campaign

The world is at war and the All Mother of Darkness is closing in, preparing to devour what little life is left on Thasys.
You are the last hope of Thasys: enter a fantastic solo adventure and seek the Light of Seption with your Company. Find the only energy which can repel the Darkness!


Huge and insanely dangerous monsters roam the surface of Thasys.
Get ready for a heroic quest and kill them in epic battles - then invoke these dreadful creatures in your own Company to show your opponent what fear really is!