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Thread: Sharing Alpha Access

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    Sharing Alpha Access


    ****After looking at the eShop more, I noticed that the standalone board will not ship out until the game's actual release, so this is not an option for trying to share alpha access. Feel free to close the thread.****

    My brother and I were considering splitting the cost of the $550 Pack and then splitting the miniatures by faction. We were wanting to know if we purchased a separate standalone board and symbol if we would be able to play against each other during Alpha, or if there is going to be a restriction of one player per 'account' at a time.

    I understand this might be information not shared until closer to Alpha, but this is the one remaining determining factor if we get the $550 pack at all or just wait until 2015 release.
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    Hey there. The only problem is that the Alpha board is different then both the standalone board and the final board. If you get the Alpha pack, when the Alpha ships you will only get the Alpha board. Later, when release time comes you will get another board - the final version of it with any modifications or fixes made to the Alpha board.

    So, there wouldn't be any way currently to play Alpha together unless you got 2 separate Alpha packs. The same deal goes with the cards and figurines. Those are Alpha versions you will get, and not final versions of them. Hope that helps explain it. If not maybe one of the Hanakai people can explain it better.
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    Thanks for the info StromIV. That makes a lot of sense why it doesn't ship right away.

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    Your question about the account is relevant too; even if you were able to split the hardware up, you'd still only have one alpha account so you wouldn't be able to play each other.

    We have no way to tell who's sitting at the board during a session however.
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