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Thread: Human character design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexaros View Post
    Really I think that in the end where their influence came from should not really matter. I think its the conglomeration of artists and their ideas and influences that will make this game and its characters so very unique.
    totally agreed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus View Post
    I would love to have a character like the one Takehiko Inoue came up with. Badass samurai/warrior wanderer kind of style.
    I know right some kind of like cartoon yet badass warrior that could really work with the game especially with a cool backstory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrawness View Post
    I rather see a gladiator, or a wizard or witch. Unlike the rest I preffer western theme's
    I definitely like the idea of a wizard. Maybe a conjurer if that's even a word. I think of a powerful, old, sort of senile, kooky wizard who doesn't know what's happening but is along for the ride.

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    How about a powerful, famous, world-renowned wizard or witch who has saved the world countless times and you (the player) end up replacing them becoming a famous magician for hire

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