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Thread: Introduce yourself here!

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    Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome to all our new members!

    Take a moment to introduce yourself and meet other forum members!

    Here are some starting points if you're not sure what to say:

    Are you a video gamer? A tabletop gamer? A figurine collector?

    How did you hear about Prodigy?

    Welcome to the forums, we're glad you're here!

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    Thanks for the tips, Elation

    Hello, world! My name is DapperEntity, and I'm a gamer by blood. My hobbies include: Videogames, talking about videogames, petting my cats, talking to my cats about videogames, and wondering why I have no friends. I heard about Prodigy from a friend of mine who remarked that he wanted to get the game in alpha. One thing led to another, and I ended up typing this.

    So, how's everyone else doing?

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    Hey All! This game looks so cool I had to backed the beta kit, this project has so much potential and the art work is incredible! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    P.s - All hail the Company of Thorns!
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    Hi all my name is JiřÝ.

    I'm a video gamer, tabletop gamer and figurine collector
    So that is why this game take my interest. I think there is much potential in your system and I hope that it will not end only with Prodigy but other Video/Tabletop game creators will try to expand to it.

    Good luck!

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    Here, or there ?
    Hi !

    My name is Tristan. I play video games (RPg and RTS overhall), tabletop (wargame like Warhammer, Warmachine coming soon), rpg tabletop (fallout pen&paper ). And i'm a figurine collector too !

    So, that's all. I'm glad to be here !

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    Hey name is Marco,

    Big time gamer who frequents a plethora of gaming message boards,(mainly neogaf). The games I most enjoy are RPG specifically Ultima Online, fallout..on and on. I also love collecting figures mainly from Ashley wood as I love his style but recently have been starting to collect mechs. I am hoping to get into tabletop games as I am not very experience in them and would love to learn more from a community, so hopefully this place grows and has constant DEV interaction..the more you guys stay in contact with us the better.

    I should also mention this game kind of reminds me of berserk...i mean if the art direction continues being as awesome as it is I would love to see more crazy berserk inspired figures.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm the Florian Stumpf from Kickstarter who loves to ask a lot
    I was a massive video gamer, but working takes it toll and now I'm mostly a board gamer, cause I can't afford wasting time on both..
    As for miniature games I play Hordes (Warmachine) and "Krosmaster" currently, played warhammer and 40k in the past.

    Gl with the campaign

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    Your Prodigy pack
    Hey all,
    I'm Damy (aka Wrawness). I'm a passionate videogamer (and videogame collector). Besides playing videogames I like to collect videogame and movie stuff.
    I came across and article on, where they gave some information about your game and it appealed to me instantly. From what I saw was that th figurines look amazing and so do the graphics in game. Immediately I looked up if I could back the game, sadly it wasn't up yet.
    A while later there was an article about Prodigy on the Benelux version of IGN and I checked back for the kickstarter. After little consideration, and only looking what be worth most of owning I backed Prodigy's The Early Seventeen Founder Pack.
    Good luck and keep us informed about this amazing game, I look forward to it!

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    Your Prodigy pack


    Resident of Montpellier (France), I work in IT and as you can imagine I love video games, gameworkshop products or trading cards game. This is very classic, but sometime you can't be extraordinary.

    I follow Prodigy's news since a while and when i heard that a kickstarter would be launched this wednesday I created my account and I pledged for the first time on a project. But I think that's truely deserved.

    (hope you can understand me ^^, sorry I'm not very good in english)

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    your english is fine.
    a billion times better than my french

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