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Thread: Digital Version of Prodigy

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    Digital Version of Prodigy

    I'm not a fan of buying miniatures but I love the artwork, theme and lore being put into this game. I would like to be able to play a digital version of the game without having to buy the miniatures; ideally for me that is my win scenario that will get me to play this game. A lot of the graphics already seem to fit.

    I understand this reduces revenue from the purchase of miniatures and the board, and that a lot of effort was already placed behind the technology to support the idea, but imagine how much more would be gained from increasing the availability, convenience, and appeal of a digital version. Many pc/console gamers, in my opinion, don't want more add-ons to play a game.

    I do believe that miniature gamers feel that this innovation pushed towards miniatures has a very attractive look instead of a bland view and presents the story in an engaging way. So don't remove this feature. Instead follow Lords or Vermilion's lead creating a alternative medium (pc/console) to enjoy the same content. If only Drakerz would do the same.

    I kickstarted the project for the artbook. An entire lore book is also something I'm interested in. I hope you, Hanakai Studio, consider the idea. Congratulations on the fantastic Kickstarter. I'm glad to see such a successful project.

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    Hi Anasthy!

    Sorry for having taken so long to answer you, I’ve been kept busy!

    From what I’ve seen, with Lords of Vermilions, Square Enix took an existing video game franchise and carried it over to a totally different genre. Basically, they took the character and the world they’d built for one of their arcade game and used them to create a MOBA. That’s great, and pretty common nowadays, but it’s something that only a big studio can safely do, with a franchise that is already known.

    It’s difficult to make a comparison with Drakerz and Prodigy, who are developped by small, independent studios, based on universes that entirely original and therefore obscure.

    You also have to keep in mind that each project (video game or not) has one or two core concept, things that define it and around which all the rest revolves. Prodigy’s core concept is its use of smart objects. The gameplay, the universe and the economic model have all been imagined according to that. If you took the smart objects away from Prodigy, it would not really be Prodigy anymore. The lore and the artistic identity might remain the same, but the Game Design, the way the narrative works, the ingame graphics, everything else would have to change. That’s not really something we can right now.

    We do thank you for your support, your enthusiasm and you suggestions. Who knows, maybe someday in the future we’ll be able to make a game based on the Prodigy universe but in an entirely different genre. And maybe it will be entirely digital! (I know I’d love a graphic adventure in Thasys!).

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