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Thread: Questions on prodigy?

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    Questions on prodigy?

    1.) If I buy the $500 package which I am somewhat thinking about is it playable right now?
    2.) How long do I have to pick up a founders pack?
    3.) Isn't this like a traditional Turn Based Game from what I see?

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    Your Prodigy pack
    Hello Lilith!

    1./2. Prodigy is still in development and therefore not yet playable (outside of our studio ). If by 500$ package, you're talking about the Seventeen Founder Pack, it does include an Alpha access, which mean you'll get to play an early version of the game as soon as June of this year. Please do take into account that this package is not currently available. If you're interested in acquiring it, we'll have some flash sales very soon. You can register here to be informed when the Alpha and Beta packs will be made available/

    3. Prodigy is Turn-Based, but with a twist : while one player is attacking, the other is defending. That's what we call Active Defense. To learn more about how this work, you can watch the first episode of our gameplay-oriented livestream, Playing Prodigy!

    Please don't hesitate if you have more questions !!

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