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No problem hopefully I can get some video/pics for you guys tomorrow. I am pledging to get Alpha and Early Seventeen after just today's test. The only thing hindering this game is exposure. The booth is a little small and having the one demo setup in going to hurt the possibility of getting more people to play.

from afar you can't tell what the game is really about. The cards they are handing out as promo's are actually pretty cool. They give you a chance to WIN a Figurine by using your NFC tech on your Android phone, but it is hard to tell that from walking past the booth.

Trying to clearly convey what the game is to passerby's in a quick 2-5 minute synopsis is also difficult, but people are sticking around and the kickstarter campaign is a great way to draw people in, lots of potential. Even if the game is not as wildly successful as Infinite/Skylanders I could see having a very good Chesspiece set for years to come Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox.
thank you
exactly that what i want to say