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Thread: New to Prodigy, am I too late? plus a few questions

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    New to Prodigy, am I too late? plus a few questions

    Hi guys. Poveglia here.

    Unfortunately, I just became aware of this project, but it honestly looks like THE game I have been waiting for. With that being said, I have a few questions.

    1.- Am I too late for the Kickstarter? I see that it has ended, so if I want to buy all 17 figures, do I have to buy the 2 full companies off of the website, plus all the additional single figures (the other 5)?

    2.- If I buy the 2 company packs, do I get 2 gameboards?

    3.- Will this game feature online capabilities, or is it all local multiplayer?

    4.- On the site, it states that the Alpha product will ship appr. Oct 2014. Has anyone received this game yet and can give Alpha reviews?

    5.- Is there ANY way for me to get into Beta at this point? All the Alpha/Beta packs seem to be locked?

    6.- Is the dev team taking any character ideas at this point?

    7.- If I pre-order now, and buy all 17 figures, will I have to wait until Oct-Dec 2015 to get my hands on this?

    I just recently found out about this game, and I was trying to purchase the Founders Seventeen Pack, but I cannot. Is it too late to get into Alpha, or can they make an exception or two, since the Alpha has been delayed anyways.

    I really want to get involved and play this game asap, but if I am forced to wait until official release, I'm afraid I'll lose interest since release is so far off.

    Thanks guys.
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    Your Prodigy pack


    Hi Poveglia, welcome here. I'll try to answer whith what I know.

    1. Yes totally too late ^^ You'll have to buy it separatly but wait for Hanakai to answer on this, I don't know what they planned about proposing again the big packs.

    2. One board by pack so yes (there is also a pack with 2 boards/companies directly)

    3. Of course yes, this is the main purpose of this project, play figurines online, there will be a solo campaign also.

    4. The alpha has been delayed to 2015 2nd quarter.

    5. No, but here again, wait for Hanakai to answer on this.

    6. They never did, except for the big backers, but you're free to imagine something and post it on the Forum I guess.

    7. Probably later, even if it's not official yet, I would be very surprised if the game is not delayed regarding the situation (alpha delayed for 5-6 months, still not so much visibility about 2/3 of the figurines, gameplay still changing a lot)

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    Welcome Poveglia! (And thank you CHbox for your answers, super-fast as always!)
    Ok, so, let me add my two cents to clarify some points.

    1- Sadly, you're too late for the Kickstarter and will have to go through our eShop to order the figurines.

    2- We do not have a starter pack with both companies and one board yet. We had the Jack of all trades pack beta version, but it's currently not available.

    5- The Alpha and Beta are still locked, yes.

    6- We did this for the Kickstarter, but you're always welcome to make suggestions!

    7- The shipping date of the final game hasn't changed. It is true that our Alpha was a bit shaken during the last months, but we still have a (small) margin of security. I'm not really the best person to talk about it tho - regarding delivery dates, I'd recommend following the official Hanakai updates.

    I took the liberty of merging your two posts into one so that I could answer both here. It is pretty difficult for us to make an exception or two, because we are not just delivering digital content, but physical objects as well: hundreds of figurines that have to be molded, produced, associated with the proper technology and shipped.
    You are not the first one to ask about the Alpha or the Beta. We are still looking into a solution for late newcomers but for now we do not have a satisfying answer to this matter. Rest assured that if we ever find an acceptable compromise, our community will be the first to hear about it.
    Yay subjectivity. / Sybil Collas - Hanakai Studio Writer & PR Officer - Twitter: @sybilcollas

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