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    Cool Fanvideos

    What do you think of vids that, well, sort of... summarize a fight? Like, only the attack cutscenes. Or vids that just show a charater's story and his classical pictures for a "summary" about him? Or other kinds of fanvids? Because I may or may not have been creating some of those...
    (yes, yes, yes! 'Dragonborn' is from Elder Scrolls, but do you have a better idea? are there any kind of Prodigy fighting songs (that go on for 3 mins)??? NO, sadly, not yet.)

    What do you think about the vids? Do you have suggestions for what else I can do?
    Or do you even have vids or other creations of your own to share? o.O

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    Hey Elae_Fangirl! (Elafan?)

    Nice channel, thank you for sharing! (the fight felt pretty epic with Dragonborn)

    I checked on our soundcloud, but yes, sadly there's no music over 1 minute or so - well, there are, but they're cut to one minute. You did a great job with what little material you had, gg.

    The youtuber Xeleko (among others) did some awesome videos - I don't think they're available in English tho. We have other fanmade videos here and there, mostly in French, but you are the first to create a full channel just for Prodigy!

    So, thank you, it's really cool.
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