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Thread: Symbol of power ?

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    Symbol of power ?

    We all saw during Sybil's presentations that the symbol of power would allow among other things to be recognized by the game, that it would know what faction we play.
    Actually it's a way to log in. But I didn't understand very well. Does it mean we can only link one faction to an account/symbol of power ? It seems a little weird so I certainly misundertood.

    What happens if I want to play Storm today and Thorns tomorrow with the same account ?

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    The Symbol of Power is linked to you and your figurines. You will be able to link multiple companies to it and play any company you want at a time.

    When Sybil logged in during the stream, she said the game recognized she was playing the Company of Thorns. As her Symbol is only linked to these three figurines, I think she meant the game could only recognize her Company of Thorns.
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    The design of the symbol is associated to the main Faction you choose to represent. Mine would be the Sorcerer Kings, but it doesn't mean I won't be able to play a Free People company with the very same symbol.

    Indeed, I meant that my symbol recognized this specific company with these specific characters, because that is everything my profile is linked to for now.
    Note that for the cut demo we show, the symbol is used to start the fight, whereas in the full version the symbol is used to start the game. If you have more than one company you will have to select the one you want to use before a fight.
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