So i got to watch the video on youtube the other day i had tried twitch but it was just taking ages anyway. i think some of these points are in general or in the news and was thinking maybe they should have there own thread in the gameplay folder

A few of the things that struck me were
The number of squares being created
there limitless power
there animation
and there locations

there seemed to be mana squares being handed out like candy by rota and a little less with toboro but still.

I find it a bit hard to swallow as a long time gamer that mana would be limitless i know its a trade of because it u sit on it you get attacked but 6 turns into the game and half the squares are covered.

the animations of the mana squares/circles are very ff very normal fantasy so i could be wrong but to me the idea is that the guardians are able to tap into the remaining mana on tharys. so i was thinking an idea for the animation would be to have the guardian at the end of the turn make some gesture and the land would crack and wisps of mana would seep out of the ground.

however i still don't think that the mana from these fissures should be limitless there are no points cost required as its not like Special Ability (SA) a costs x mana and SA b costs y mana so its more like all SA costs 1 and a fissure might contain 3 uses the most complicated i would go would be option 1 SA a costs 1 SA b costs 2 keep it simple option 2 1 use of mana disapates after a full game turn as in all characters have acted.

some characters who are more atuned to mana may even be able to draw on it from an adjacent square. the guardians will still be able to create mana fissures around the board based on the guardian heres hoping we see many more. but it would cost 1 pt of mana if the target area is not an adjacent square just to show more effort but this isn't ott as if the guardian is 2nd column 2nd row then only the 4th column is not adjacent.

so i have no problem with the current system of them being created every turn as long as they have limited uses