The Game Design of Toboro

After telling you about Orin and Elon, the two main characters of Prodigy, I will now disclose the game design of a Guardian, Toboro!


Here are the narrative intentions for Toboro, and how they work as gameplay:

  • He is the Guardian of Thorns.
    • His characteristics are above every companion’s.
    • One of his abilities is linked to brambles.
  • He is a mystical character, not a warrior.
    • He has a singular relation with mana – even by Guardians standards.
    • His basic attacks only use “natural” weapons (claws, fists, etc.). He deals damages below the norm.
  • Toboro is a tormented being.
    • Each of his abilities must reflect his anger or his melancholy.
The Guardian’s anger fades as quickly as it rises and leaves place to a deep melancholy.

The Guardian’s anger fades as quickly as it rises and leaves place to a deep melancholy.

  • He is an oversized beast.
    • His enormous size gives him an endurance far above average. His huge stamina responds to the peculiar relationship the Company of Thorns has with Life Points.
    • As a compensation for his large health pool, Toboro doesn’t wear an armor (none would fit anyway 🙂 ).
    • You can use his health pool to protect your other Companions (like a tank character), but also as fuel for the abilities of his Company.
  • He is a member of the Company of Thorns.
    • He doesn’t have abilities to buff his team.
    • One of his abilities is linked to the manipulation of Life Points.
    • He can debuff the squares on his opponent’s battlefield.
    • One of his abilities works with the principle of Sacrifice (see our Kickstarter update on the Company of Thorns: each member of this team have an action they can launch by paying Life Points instead of having to stand on a mana square).


These intentions translate as the following set of starter skills for the Alpha version of the character:

  • Immolation
    • Toboro tears a part of his vital essence to heal his allies.
    • The effect works on a full line.
    • By healing his allies, Toboro inflicts damage to himself. If this sacrifice can look like a hard blow, remember that the Guardian has a great stock of Life Points.
    • Sacrifice: Immolation is a Sacrifice ability. Toboro is not forced to be standing on a mana square to use this skill.
  • Crushing blow
    • Toboro jumps on the opponent facing him and tries to crush them under his weight. Two parallel effects are launched:
      • the target is stunned; its place in the cycle of initiative drops to the last spot,
      • evil thorns grow on the target’s square; they give a defense penalty to anyone standing there.
    • Played on an annoying or powerful character, this ability can be used to quickly dispose of them.
    • The defense debuff offers intereting strategic opportunities: the target is weakened by the square until at least its next turn, and the stun effect just delayed its next turn. This ability puts the opponent in discomfort: should they protect the character at the price of their current strategy, or not?
    • This board debuff is typical of the Company of Thorns.

The rage of Toboro has been seen by many, but few lived to tell of it.

  • Blood link
    • Toboro launches a powerful enchantment that affects all allies on the board.
    • The damages taken by his allies are now divided by two; Toboro receives the other half of the damages.
    • This ability is double-edged: it gives a formidable protection to every other Companion but can quickly become deadly for Toboro.
    • This ability translates Toboro’s tortured nature, as well as the peculiar connection that exists between the Company of Thorns and Life Points.
  • Rampage
    • Toboro focuses his power in his claws, that begin to ooze a black and evil energy. He charges his facing opponent and tears his flesh.
    • Toboro gets a bonus to his damages that depends of the amount of Life Points he’s missing: the weaker Toboro is, the more damage he will inflict.
    • This ability is especially effective at the end of fight, when Toboro agonizes.

Toboro is affiliated to the Bond arcana. This arcana is linked to his role as a Guardian in the Company of Thorns: Toboro’s place is made to be slightly behind the battlefield, interacting with all his Companions. He does not share his arcana with Orin, who is affiliated to Focus.

A terrific asset for your team or a formidable opponent to face? Tell us what you think of Toboro’s abilities on the Prodigy forums!