The Game Design of Rota

Two Watchers and one Guardian down, only one Guardian to go! Today, I will tell you more about the gameplay of Rota, Guardian of the Storm.


Here is the list of the narrative intentions for this character, and how they translate as gameplay:

  • Rota is the Guardian of the Storm.
    • He is far stronger than companions.
    • At least one of his abilities must reflect the speed of the wind and the tempest.
    • At least one of his abilities must feel or look like the strike of lightning.
  • He is a master swordsman.
    • His skills must mirror both his abilities as an exceptionnal warrior and as a magical creature.
    • His attacks must be accurate and powerful.
    • His base attack should inflict damages above average.
  • Rota is a rigid, psychologically still being.
    • His abilities must show his inner strenght.
    • This characteristic is mirrored by his heavy armor.
  • He is a part of the Company of the Storm.
    • One of his skills is linked to the Bleeding ability.
    • He doesn’t have a skill to debuff the opposing team.
    • However, he can buff his own team.
    • He has an attack with an area of effect and/or one that hits multiple times.
    • One of his abilities must allow him to use or modify the initiative cycle.
    • His skills should create synergies with the other characters of the company of the Storm.
    • He has no or few abilities to heal his allies.


So, here’s what we designed as a set of starter skills for Rota. The following are the abilities he will have at his disposal for the Alpha:

  • Standard attack
    • Causes bleeding.
    • Bleeding is a distinctive feature of the Company of the Storm. Every member of the company has a skill that can inflict it.
    • Aside of Onosani, he is the only character of the Company to inflict Bleeding with his basic attack. This reinforce his pivot role in the team.
  • Defense
    • This move gives an enormous defense bonus to Rota.
    • It reinforces the Guardian’s unshakeable stance.
    • It allows Rota to be placed on the front line to protect the rest of his team.
  • Earth Cleaver
    • Rota launches a powerful attack in the ground that causes a shockwave.
    • The opponents located on the column facing him all take damage.
    • The AoE attack translates the great power of Rota.
    • It allows you to inflict damage on opponents that would otherwise be protected from attacks by standing behind allies.
Two hands on the handle, legs firmly anchored in the ground… the Earth Cleaver is coming.

Two hands on the handle, legs firmly anchored in the ground… the Earth Cleaver is coming.

  • Furious Force
    • Rota launches an incantation. The allies on Mana Squares are subjected to two effects:
      • They all gain an Attack bonus.
      • Their personal arcana changes to become the Force Arcana. They now share their arcana with Rota and Elon.
    • Catching the proper timing to launch this skill can be tricky:
      • The number of buffed characters depends of the number of Mana Squares on the board; the later you launch the skill, the more characters will be affected.
      • However, as the fight progresses, there are less and less enemies on the battlefield and they get weaker and weaker. The Attack bonus and the group synergies get less relevant as the fight advances.
    • When it is used with good timing, this ability can turn the whole fight around.
  • Mana Blades
    • Rota creates mana blades  that he throws on his enemies. Each Bleeding opponent is touched by the blades.
    • This multiple attack gets stronger with time as more and more enemies are put into the Bleeding state. This ability reinforces the snowball effect of the Bleeding state of effect.

Rota is associated to the Force Arcana. This translates his determination, his power and his absence of emotions. He does not have any real long-ranged attack or attacks with a peculiar targeting pattern: his attacks are direct and lethal.
He shares the Force Arcana with his Watcher Elon.

How excited are you about Rota’s abilities? Do you think he will be a fair match for Toboro’s skills? Let us know on the Prodigy forums!