The Game Design of Pistil

Hello there!

In the next update to the Alpha, that should be available this month, we are adding a new character to the roster. He’s not part of a Faction or Company, and he’s the first of a new category of characters. That’s right, it’s time for the Gerlin King to enter the fray!

Pistil Intentions

Here is the list of the narrative intentions for this character, and how they translate into gameplay:

  • Pistil is a Boss.
    • As a Boss, Pistil needs to use Boss mechanics :
      • When they arrive on the battlefield, a boss kills their team’s Guardian. Therefore, they cannot be called as a Reinforcement if the Guardian is not still alive.
      • When they are the Attacker, if a boss plays in Harmony, a Harmony Square is destroyed ; if a boss plays in Dissonance, a Dissonance Square is destroyed. If, after their action, there is no Mana Square left to destroy, the Boss is knocked out.

Here are some WIP shots of Pistil’s figurine. Click on the picture to see the turn-around of the figurine.

  • Pistil is a warrior king.
    • Pistil is not the most subtle warrior.His attacks are devastating but simple to understand, predict and master.
    • As a king, he is used to leading people and should buff his allies.
    • Given that Pistil sees most of his allies as pawns and does not really care if they make it alive as long as the battle is won, this bonus should not be defensive.
  • Pistil is super imposing, bigger than life.
    • His bulk provides him with natural armor, allowing him to endure numerous attacks.
    • The damages he inflicts are devastating.

Pistil Gameplay

  • Basic Attack
    • Depending on whether he attacks in Harmony or in Dissonance, Pistil charges one of his two blades with a primitive, destructive Mana. Then, Pistil moves to the enemy standing in front of him and deals them a massive attack with his twin blades.
    • If Pistil attacked in Harmony, his enemy is dealt damage but is also bumped back to the last spot in the Initiative Cycle. If Pistil attacked in Dissonance, his enemy is dealt damage but also Torment.


  • Onwards, cowards!
    • Pistil sticks his swords in the ground and rallies his troops.
    • On the line where Pistil is standing, all square become Power Squares (Attack bonus) except the one where he is standing. On the same line, all characters receive a Power buff (Attack bonus) except for Pistil himself.
    • This skill is a testimony of Pistil leadership abilities. From a strategic point of view, its timing is really important. Being a Boss, Pistil will only last so many turns (if only because of the lack of Mana Squares).
      • A player might choose to use this special skill as soon as possible so as to buff as many of his other characters as he can before Pistil gets knocked out.
      • On the other hand, it can also be viable to use Pistil’s Basic Attack as much as possible for maximum damages, saving “Onwards, cowards!” for when he is about to disappear, so as to buff the remaining characters.


Like all Bosses, Pistil is not affiliated to an Arcana. You will use the Force Arcana to launch his special skill, but it will not allow him to launch Affinity Attacks, nor will he be included in Affinity Protections or Counter-Attacks.