The Game Design of Karan Kar

Hey there!

Karan Kar is a very mysterious character background-wise, so we thought we’d tide over some of your curiosity by giving you more info on how he’ll behave on the battleground.

I even got you some exclusive previews of his in-game model, so you’d better be ready to face a fierce Half-Ogre!


Here is the list of the narrative intentions for this character, and how they translate in the gameplay:

  • Karan Kar is a basic Companion.
    • His abilities are less impressive than Guardians and Watchers.
  • He’s a Half-Ogre.
    • Half-Ogres are massive, imposing beings.
    • These lineage-related facts give him natural tanky abilities, making him able to endure a huge amount of damage.
    • He needs to have at least one melee skill.
Karan Kar WIP

This is still a work-in-progress, but you can already imagine how impressive he’s gonna be! To give you an idea of his scale, he’s gonna bit almost as massive as Toboro.

  • He’s an anti-magic tank.
    • Karan Kar has been trained to be efficient against magic-users. He has to be an asset against them, in particular against enemy Guardians.
    • The fact that he is effective against magic makes him adverse to his use. He won’t be able to use it to buff his team.
  • He’s a mysterious character that is rather closemouthed. His memory and personality are crippled but he still retains a very fierce presence.
    • The fact that Karan Kar is rather uncommunicative is interesting. It’s also important to translate his mental state in some way, for example, by making him a literally Tormented character.


Now that you know all this, here are the skills that will be available in the Alpha for Karan Kar.

  • Attack
    • Each time Karan Kar attacks, Karan Kar inflicts Torment on himself. If he is already Tormented, it stacks.
    • This debuff limits Karan Kar’s capacities as a tank. It also translates his tormented psyche.
  • Silence
    • Karan Kar hits the ground with his weapon, and thus projects a wave of silence.
    • The wave travels until it hits a Mana Square (either Harmony or Dissonance) on the opponent’s part of the battlefield. The Mana Square in question disappears.
    • This skill directly reflects Karan Kar training as a weapon against magic-users. It’s also a reminder of his silent but intense presence.
Karan Kar's Battle Axe

Karan Kar’s battle axe is ready to defend the interests and the honour of the Sorcerer Kings!

  • Grim Harvest
    • Karan Kar hits the opponent facing him with his weapon, poisoning them.
    • If the opponent is on a Harmony Square, it is automatically a Critical Hit and Karan Kar loses his Tormented condition.
    • The amount of Poison received by the opponent is proportional to the amount of Torment that is purged. Meaning that if the opponent was not standing on a Harmony Square, the amount of Poison is basic, but if Karan Kar has accumulated several stacks of Torment, it can be super potent.
    • This skill once again demonstrates Karan Kar’s efficiency against magic-users. Considering that Guardians always stand on a Harmony Square, it makes them a perfect target for this character.

Karan Kar is associated to the Force arcana because of his overwhelming physical presence.

And that’s it for me on the subject of Karan Kar for now, but stay tuned! I heard that at the end of the month, you’ll get to see the finised in-game model of this character in our Kickstarter update.

In the meantime, what do you think Karan Kar will add to the Company of the Thorns? Can you already imagine strategies involving him? Why don’t you tell us what you think about what you’ve read and seen here on our Official Forums? See you there!