The Game Design of Elon

As I explained last time with Orin, each character is first conceived by the Writing Team, who passes on to me narrative intentions that I use in turn to design their gameplay.

This week, I’m going to go over what we came up with for Elon, the Watcher of the Storm.

Elon Titre1

First, here are the narrative intentions behind Elon’s gameplay:

  • He’s the Watcher of the Storm.
    • His characteristics must be on a distinct level from these of his Companions.
    • One of his skills must be linked to the power of the Storm.
  • He’s an adventurer in armor.
    • Even his basic attack inflicts significant damage.
    • He has a thick armor and average endurance.
    • Most of his skills must be melee, sword-based attacks, while remaining varied enough to stay interesting.
  • He’s part of the Company of the Storm.
    • Each of his attacks must reflect at the same time the intensity of the thunder, the swiftness of a lightning bolt and the fluidity of the wind.
    • Members of the Company of the Storm have Arcanas in common. As he is the Watcher, Elon shares the same Arcana with his Guardian Rota.
    • Like every member of the Company of the Storm, Elon has at least one attack that inflicts Bleeding (A character affected by bleeding takes more damage each time he is attacked).
    • One of his skills consists in multiple attacks.
    • At least one of his Skills must have random effects.

Elon might not be the brains of the Company, but on the battlefield no one equals the tactical power of the Watcher of the Storm.

  • He’s a born leader, devoted to his troups.
    • His skills must reflect the fact that he is a skilled strategist and support his companions.
    • One of his skills allows his allies to gain buffs if they follow some sort of military manoeuver.
    • Another of his skills must allow him to help his companions through healing.
  • He’s a hot-headed, reckless fighter
    • His attacks are always head-on and blunt.
    • He doesn’t have any targeted or ranged attack. He attacks what’s in front of him, period.
  • He’s learnt to adapt to any situation
    • Elon is a very valuable asset, wherever he is on the board
    • On the front line, his powerful attack skills make him very useful .
    • Withdrawn from it, he can also support his companions thanks to his gift for command.

Elon Titre2

All this results in concrete skills, that will be implemented for the alpha. Some of these you can read the description below:

  • Martial Speech
    • Elon vehemently exhorts his troops, urging them to strike.
    • One random Mana Square on the front line becomes Buffed, granting a powerful Attack Bonus.
    • This skill is better used in the beginning of a battle; it creates new strategic opportunities in addition to those offered by the Mana Squares.
    • The Mana Square is chosen randomly. Some of the skills of the Company of the Storm have a random factor that make them as complex to master as they are to counter for your adversary.
  • Piercing Strike
    • Elon dashes forward and launches a powerful attack that tears appart both the armor and the flesh of his ennemy.
    • This attack cuts through armors like a hot knife through butter.
    • It also inflicts Bleeding on the ennemy.
    • This skill works wonders against heavily armored opponents. The Armor Piercing bonus allows to inflict directly important damages, without having to take the armor into account.
    • Bleeding allows the following attacks to deal more damage to the opponent.

Elon’s in game animations translate his energy and his determination to win.

  • Rallying Cry
    • Elon calls on the powers of the Storm to give a second wind to his companions.
    • Allies placed on the front line recover an important number of Life Points.
    • This skill reflects Elon’s strategic expertise (specific positionning of units) and the bellicose approach (support to the units on the front line).
    • Like Martial Speech, this skill allows Elon to support his allies, even if he is not himself on the front line.
  • Lightning Strikefrom
    • Elon launches multiple attacks (two strikes) on the enemy facing him.
    • Elon is then put back in the initiative cycle, to play again immediately after your opponent’s next character.
    • You can therefore skip the turns of all your other characters to play Elon again.
    • This skill is quite complex to use: while it allows you to play upon a weakness in your ennemy’s defense, it prevents you from playing other characters.
    • Abilties manipulating the Initiative cycle are mechanics common to several members of the Company of the Storm. You’ll see that when we talk about Amoa for instance.

Elon is affiliated to the Power Arcana. This translates at the same time his dynamism, his fortitude and his bravery. He shares it with Rota, which triggers combined actions of the two characters.

What do you think of Elon’s skills? Do you think they represent a threat for Orin Aki and his Company?

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