The Game Design of Elae

Hello everyone!

Elae was the first character we unveiled, but we thought that with the second set of Special Skills becoming available soon, it would be interesting to get back to her (you can watch previews of some of them, including Elae’s, in our latest episode of Playing Prodigy).

So with no further ado, let’s see what makes Elae a valuable asset for any Company of the Free People.

Elae Intentions

Here’s a list of our narrative intentions for the Alhake archer, and what they influenced her gameplay:

  • Elae is an Ally of the Free People.
    • Her skills should not necessarily present a synergy with a particular Company.
    • She should be easy to add to any Company. Her stats should be well balanced and have limited side effects.
  • Elae is a nimble fighter and a skilled archer.
    • She is an experienced fighter, who knows how to inflict good amounts of damages.
    • One of her skills must be a range attack. She must be able to breach the front line and reach enemy characters that are protected by others.


  • Elae is a is a mid-range fighter.
    • Elae has little armor and not many life points, so she can easily fall if she is directly exposed.
  • Elae is an Alhake.
    • Alhakes are known for being able to rejuvenate themselves, so Elae should have a skill that allows her to heal herself, making her very durable if it is used wisely.
  • Elae is a very independent individual.
    • Her skills should allow her to be self-sufficient.
    • They should not call for combos with other characters, but work combos between themselves to create a powerful synergy.

Elae Gameplay

  • Basic Attack
    • Elae attacks the enemy in front of her with her twin swords. Each she uses this attack, she receives a Power buff.
    • The concept of this skill is to allow Elae to stack Power buffs on herself, making her more and more devastating the more attacks she inflicts.
  • Dragon Strike
    • Elae shoots an arrow that strikes all the enemies standing in the column in front of her, dealing them considerable damage.
    • Like all AoE (Area of Effect) skill, Dragon Strike is very efficient. The fact that it affects a column makes it possible to reach enemy characters that are hiding behind another.
    • This being a ranged attack, it does not trigger Counter Attacks, making it safer than the Basic Attack.

Elae_1 (2)

  • Will of the Ancients
    • Elae heals herself. The amount of life points she regains is proportional to the amount of Power buff she is currently under. The more Power stacks she has, the more life points she gets back. Once healed, she loses her Power buff.
    • This skill makes Elae very sustainable. It creates an interesting play around Elae’s life points: she does not have many, but can easily gain them back.

Elae is naturally affiliated to the Flow Arcana. As someone who is part of a great cycle of life and death, experience and oblivion, it seemed appropriate for her to be linked to the Arcana that symbolizes change and renewal.