The curse of the Witches

Witches are one of the cursed races of Thasys, former humans who didn’t directly degenerated from mana, but from a series of events that shaped their very nature. And their story is a bloody one…

witches origins (1)

Our story begins in the human kingdom of Caldaria, at a time when most magical races had been created from the Dragons’ influence and almost all humans were already free from the touch of mana.

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Zotra, the fallen concubine

Today we’ll look into the details of Zotra’s life and see how the most beautiful woman of Dis became the horrific creature we know.

Long before now, Zotra was a witch of exceptional beauty and negligible magical power. This exotic blond and horned woman was sold as a concubine to one of the Shiraz families of Dis: the Kan.

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More about Siren’s gameplay

Today, we’ll reveal more information about Siren! This Companion of the Company of Thorns is a character we’re currently working on, and we’d like to share a bit more about her.

Siren face

Siren is a cold and inhuman woman, easily drawn into violent angers, yet she cherishes a deep and secret love for her master.

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Siren: Concept to Reality


The characters of Prodigy require a lot of work from concept to figurine to in-game character, and we’re truly proud of what we’re accomplishing. All characters are heroes; they have their own story, their own appearance and the visual work on them is very demanding. We’d like to share a bit more about the creation of Siren, a Companion of the Company of Thorns.

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