Crag, the midget biggerlin

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to plunge into the past of a character that has no strings attached, and didn’t pledge his allegiance to any Faction.
If you had a gift that had been sought after for centuries, but were forbidden to use it because of rules impossible to follow, what would you do? Follow the path Destiny laid before you, or bow to the laws that maintain the fragile balance of your civilization? This was the choice Crag had to make.


Crag was born in a secluded gerlin tribe, among a litter of a dozen or so younglings. As all newborns, he and his brothers were submitted to a test of ability in order to determine if they were to grow as meagerlins, largerlins, or, the rarest of all and seeds of leaders, biggerlins.

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Gerlins: Pistil and Crag

Crag the Gerlin Champion

Crag - The Gerlin Champion

Despite being born with the body of a Meagerlin, Crag was born with an innate sense of fighting. He was trained by Largerlins to the art of combat and his swift intelligence quickly created jealousies. People say Crag was challenged by the young chief of his tribe and tried to force himself to lose – but when he saw the fool running towards his lance, he let him impale himself on his weapon.

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