Conjuring Feedbacks: Creating Gameplay Special Effects

Hey there! My name’s Andriana and I’m part of the VFX team here at Hanakai. You’ve already learned a little about our job through Pierre’s article a few months back (if you haven’t read it yet, you might want to begin there). But as he mostly talked about skills-related effects, that is to say VFX that appear when a character launch a skill, we thought it’s be interesting for you to discover another aspect of our work : Gameplay VFX!

Gameplay VFX are those you see outside of cutscenes : buffs and debuffs, Mana and condition Squares, affinities…

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Light, Motor, Action: Shooting the Cinematics

Hello everyone! My name is Marin and some of you might already know me a little from the devblog article I posted a few months ago. In it, I talked about my work on the user interface to give it a calligraphic look (check out Pierre’s article to see what he did with it!). But that’s not my main role at Hanakai, which I’m here to talk about today: I am Hanakai’s Cinematic Director.

This means I’m in charge of the cinematography and the staging of the scenes, a little like a movie director. To put it more simply, I’m gonna choose where to put cameras, at what angle, when to cut a sequence or add small effects, so as to enhance and highlight the work of the other artists.

I hope you’re ready to see the result of our efforts on our favorite witch’s counter-attack!

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Materialising the magic: the Craft of Special Effects

Hi there! My name is Pierre and I am one of the VFX Artists currently working on Prodigy. Basically, my job is to create Visual Effects (VFX) for the game, like some people do in the movie industry, but in real-time. Because we’re using 3D engines to make video games, everything you create must be both pretty looking AND optimized for real-time rendering. So, for every abilities that a character uses, I must create a variety of different assets and combine them to create magic!

To show you some concrete example, I’ll mainly be using the same action that Alban did in his own article, that is to say Siren’s counter attack. But first, let’s talk about what my job encompasses and what tools I use.

No magic wand needed

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Giving life to Prodigy’s characters: the art of animation

Hello, my name is Alban and I’m the Lead Animator at Hanakai Studio. Today I’m opening a series of three articles that will show you how our characters come to life on screen. I’ll be talking about animation, next month Pierre will tell you all about special effects and to finish, Marin will show you the ropes of cinematic direction.

The images I’ll use as examples are all taken from the animation of Siren’s counter attack, which has never been released before. Excited yet? We’ll be using of the same action in our next two articles, so that you can follow our development process from start to finish.

I’m not going to get too much into the technical aspect of things, but we want to show you a bit of how we do things here at Hanakai.

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Of Ink and Pixels: How Prodigy’s User Interface is Crafted

Hi everyone ! My name is Marin, and I work on several things here at Hanakai : my main role is cinematic director, meaning that I take care of the staging and the cinematography of the game. As I also am a calligrapher, I was asked to help designing the User Interface (UI) and some of the special effects (FX), which is what I’m here to talk about !

I bet lots of you imagine us working all day on computers and, ok, we do a lot of that. But Prodigy is a game that allies the virtual to the physical, so we thought we’d try to apply that to how we worked sometimes. Did you know that for instance some of the basic principles of our gameplay were devised using a polystyrene board and some of Jean’s figurines ?

All that to say, when it came to design the UI, we decided we’d go off the beaten path and back to a more traditional medium : calligraphy.

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Siren: Concept to Reality


The characters of Prodigy require a lot of work from concept to figurine to in-game character, and we’re truly proud of what we’re accomplishing. All characters are heroes; they have their own story, their own appearance and the visual work on them is very demanding. We’d like to share a bit more about the creation of Siren, a Companion of the Company of Thorns.

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