Humans, the Masters of Manasteel

This article was originally published as a Kickstarter update. Details might have been added or changed to reflect the development of the game.

We’ve talked about the People of the Lanterns, the Gerlins, as well as Witches, Manticores and other fantastic creatures. But shouldn’t we tell you a bit more about the guys who were the breeding-ground for all these magical beings?

The incarnation of free will

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The curse of the Witches

Witches are one of the cursed races of Thasys, former humans who didn’t directly degenerated from mana, but from a series of events that shaped their very nature. And their story is a bloody one…

witches origins (1)

Our story begins in the human kingdom of Caldaria, at a time when most magical races had been created from the Dragons’ influence and almost all humans were already free from the touch of mana.

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Alhakés : the People of the Lanterns

The People of the Lanterns are named after their peculiar lifestyle, which revolves around large magical flowers that hang from giant trees. When a member of the People of the Lanterns is tired or injured, he enters one of the flower pods and emerges refreshed, well-rested, and cured. When a lantern is occupied by someone to cure his body and mind, it emits a golden glow, giving the flowers their name.

When a member emerges from a lantern, his features, the color of his eyes, skin, and sometimes hair have imperceptibly changed and he appears rejuvenated. People of the Lanterns can live virtually forever, but each regeneration they go through erases most of their memories and troubles their sense of time. Thus it is impossible for them to know their own age, or to form real bonds with other people.

Arbres Lanternes

The lantern trees.

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