The Game Design of Elae

Hello everyone!

Elae was the first character we unveiled, but we thought that with the second set of Special Skills becoming available soon, it would be interesting to get back to her (you can watch previews of some of them, including Elae’s, in our latest episode of Playing Prodigy).

So with no further ado, let’s see what makes Elae a valuable asset for any Company of the Free People.

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Elae and the shadows of the past

It would be logical to think that Elae’s past couldn’t be that disclosed, since all people of the lanterns are deprived of memory and start their lives as blank pages. Well, that certainly would be true if our beautiful red-haired girl was a normal alhaké. But she is not.
Come, sit and listen to the tale of the woman whose life was built on a single memory.


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Alhakés : the People of the Lanterns

The People of the Lanterns are named after their peculiar lifestyle, which revolves around large magical flowers that hang from giant trees. When a member of the People of the Lanterns is tired or injured, he enters one of the flower pods and emerges refreshed, well-rested, and cured. When a lantern is occupied by someone to cure his body and mind, it emits a golden glow, giving the flowers their name.

When a member emerges from a lantern, his features, the color of his eyes, skin, and sometimes hair have imperceptibly changed and he appears rejuvenated. People of the Lanterns can live virtually forever, but each regeneration they go through erases most of their memories and troubles their sense of time. Thus it is impossible for them to know their own age, or to form real bonds with other people.

Arbres Lanternes

The lantern trees.

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