Maelis, the Outcast Warrior

Maelis is the latest character we’ve unveiled, and we already talked a bit about her once or twice, but not in real details. So we hope you’re ready to discover more about her and how harsh life can be even in Dis, ’cause here we go!

The Story of Maelis

Maelis comes from a family pertaining to the old Shiraz nobility and received the best possible education. As a child, she often founder herself in the company of a boy her age by the name of Orin Aki. Continue reading

Assembling the Team: the Game Design of a Company

Hello, I’m Marc, Lead Game Designer for Prodigy. It’s been a while since I wrote my last article, so I thought I’d do something a bit different this time. Today I’m gonna talk about the way we compose a Company, how I choose the characteristics of each of its members, what role they will play, etc.

To avoid any confusion (and because in the end, few people might know what my job entails), let’s make clear that I am only in charge of the functional aspect of the characters. I don’t work on their visual appearance (that’s for the Art team) or their story (I’m no writer). We all do take into consideration what the other departments need and also regularly take a collective step back so as to get a more global point of view. That’s key if we want to all walk in the same direction, especially on subjects as central as our roster of heroes.

Back to the current topic: elaborating the Companies is something that we began working on before we even started developing each of the protagonists you’ve come to know. Like everything else, things evolve with time, as we sometimes realize that stuff that worked in theory is not as awesome once implemented. The composition of our Companies remains one of the central points of the game design of Prodigy, especially since we have to keep in mind that other Companies will come.

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Orin, he who is silenced

In today’s DevBlog, we finally get to tell you more about one of the two heroes of Prodigy! Gather round as I tell you about the past of Orin, the Watcher of Thorns.


Orin was born in the Aki family, aristocratic Shirazs that were tightly bound to the service of Kazim, ruler of the northern kingdoms.
His father, Tarund Aki, was a stern man who never displayed any kind of appreciation towards his son. Like many others of his rank, he had been ordered by Kazim to wed a human spouse in order to try to father a child of Fate – a future Watcher. And like many others, he succeeded.

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Zotra, the fallen concubine

Today we’ll look into the details of Zotra’s life and see how the most beautiful woman of Dis became the horrific creature we know.

Long before now, Zotra was a witch of exceptional beauty and negligible magical power. This exotic blond and horned woman was sold as a concubine to one of the Shiraz families of Dis: the Kan.

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Dis, the fortress city

Today, I’d like to unveil more about the city of Dis, symbol of the Sorcerer Kings and birthplace of Orin Aki!

The History of DisOur main intention with Dis is to make it a commemorative symbol of ancient times. Dis was built when Mana was still abundant, it is the best example of the immoderate things that could be accomplished during those regretted times.

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