Amoa, the Knowledge Bringer

Amoa will soon join the battlefield but, though we talked about the Felis long ago in a Kickstarter update, not much was revealed about this young lady. So, how does one become an accomplished Felis martial artist? And what is there to fear when you’ve accomplished perfect control of your body and your mind? Read on to discover all that and more!

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Assembling the Team: the Game Design of a Company

Hello, I’m Marc, Lead Game Designer for Prodigy. It’s been a while since I wrote my last article, so I thought I’d do something a bit different this time. Today I’m gonna talk about the way we compose a Company, how I choose the characteristics of each of its members, what role they will play, etc.

To avoid any confusion (and because in the end, few people might know what my job entails), let’s make clear that I am only in charge of the functional aspect of the characters. I don’t work on their visual appearance (that’s for the Art team) or their story (I’m no writer). We all do take into consideration what the other departments need and also regularly take a collective step back so as to get a more global point of view. That’s key if we want to all walk in the same direction, especially on subjects as central as our roster of heroes.

Back to the current topic: elaborating the Companies is something that we began working on before we even started developing each of the protagonists you’ve come to know. Like everything else, things evolve with time, as we sometimes realize that stuff that worked in theory is not as awesome once implemented. The composition of our Companies remains one of the central points of the game design of Prodigy, especially since we have to keep in mind that other Companies will come.

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Layers of Colors: Prodigy’s Painting Process

Hello everyone, welcome to this second article about painting figurines for Prodigy. I’m going to tell you about our figurine painting process, and the various stages that make a figurine come to life. I already did an article on the matter of colors and production constraints that you can read here. Today, I’d like to focus on the painting process itself by doing a step-by-step of the paint of a character I like: Onosani, the half-god wolf. Note that you can click most images to enlarge them! basis Continue reading

Onosani, the mongrel of the gods

Last month, I disclosed the background of Soha, the Sister of Sorrow who was subjected to the merciless cruelty of the Free People. Today, I would like to introduce you to Onosani, the companion of Elon whose story led him to actually spend most of his life among Sorcerer Kings. Onosani_story Onosani’s story begins thousands of years ago, at the outbreak of the Great War, when mana sources had just started to wilt and gods still lived on Thasys. Continue reading

Illis, the human with a fate

Have you ever wondered about what you’d do if you could go back in time? If you had one unique chance at changing the past? Illis is a character confronted to such a choice…

Illis was born in the kingdom of Locandre, in the lantern trees belt that separates the northern and southern realms. The human king of Locandre had managed to establish peace in this area of constant conflict.

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