Of Ink and Pixels: How Prodigy’s User Interface is Crafted

Hi everyone ! My name is Marin, and I work on several things here at Hanakai : my main role is cinematic director, meaning that I take care of the staging and the cinematography of the game. As I also am a calligrapher, I was asked to help designing the User Interface (UI) and some of the special effects (FX), which is what I’m here to talk about !

I bet lots of you imagine us working all day on computers and, ok, we do a lot of that. But Prodigy is a game that allies the virtual to the physical, so we thought we’d try to apply that to how we worked sometimes. Did you know that for instance some of the basic principles of our gameplay were devised using a polystyrene board and some of Jean’s figurines ?

All that to say, when it came to design the UI, we decided we’d go off the beaten path and back to a more traditional medium : calligraphy.

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