Isaelle, the Sacred Warrior

Isaelle is Prodigy’s valkyrie, and it shows. “Blessed by the gods” in many ways, this young warrior must bear a great weight on her shoulders. Her destiny is intricately tied to that of her people. In what ways? Well, glad you asked!

The Story of_Isaelle

Isaelle is Prodigy’s valkyrie, and it shows. “Blessed by the gods” in many ways, this young warrior must bear a great weight on her shoulders. Her destiny is intricately tied to that of her people. In what ways? Well, glad you asked!

The fabulous flying city of Zephyr, that still partially floats above a sea of clouds, is the last known haven of its people, the Kuyilans. Because they live above even the highest mountains of Thasys, the other lineages often call the Kuyilans “People of the Clouds”. They are tall, slender individuals, with great wings in their back that allow them to fly for long periods of time. Kuyilans have a matriarchal society that grants significant importance to values such as solidarity, loyalty and justice.

Isaelle’s story begins on one of Zephyr’s many white balconies, where Isaelle’s mother Semele and her husband often spent their evenings. The young woman had been pregnant for several months and the couple loved to imagine their little girl’s future under the gentle light of the stars. On one such evening, they were so focused on their dreams and the sparkly, limitless sky above them, that they paid no attention to the building storm on the horizon. Soon, dark clouds were beneath the city and thunder resonated in apocalyptical echoes. Caught off guard, Isaelle’s parents tried to fly back inside. But pregnant as she was, Semele was not as fast as usual. She was hit by a powerful lightning sprite, that triggered a painful labour.

Healers were immediately called upon and quickly Semele was given all the help she could receive. The midwives used all their knowledge and experience to extract the premature baby from the heavily burnt body of her mother. Against all odds, Semele and her daughter both survived this ordeal, but not without after-effects. Little Isaelle was healthy despite her untimed birth, but she had still been touched by lightning. The Healers quickly suspected that it had affected her to the core of her being. As for Semele, she was traumatized, in her spirit as well as in her flesh. As soon as she regained consciousness, she began yelling and rambling, mad to the point of cursing her own child.


Much to her father’s despair, Isaelle was entrusted by the Matriarchs of her people to the order of the Sacred Warriors. Raised and educated by the guardians of the Kuyilans’ values, the infant grew into a bright, strong little girl. At the start of her teenage years, her voice became thunderous and her affinity for lightning obvious. Made unique by her inherent magical nature and her peculiar gift, Isaelle had to gruelingly train to master her roaring powers. Most importantly, she was trained as a Sacred Warrior. First, she learnt their values, discovering the worth of discipline and teamwork. Only once she had triumphed of every test, shown she could bring her unwavering support to her companions and earned the respect of her teachers, the real initiation began. Isaelle learnt the secret combat techniques and magical rituals of the Sacred Warriors, methods passed down through generations to fight against the legendary threat of the All Mother of Darkness.

When she finished her training and because she would likely be the last of the Sacred Warriors, her teachers awarded her with the last of the Kuyilan’s Sacred Weapons. Isaelle was given an ancient spear, forged at the same time as the city was built, capable of channeling and amplifying the innate powers of its bearer. But along with this exceptional gift, the young woman received news that the next day she’d be sent on her first mission, one that would take her far from Zephyr, down to the alien world below.

Isaelle packed the bare necessities, then went and bid farewell to her parents, the mother whose madness had not managed to wear out her husband’s gentle character. Feeling nervous but ready, she presented herself to the elders of the Sacred Warriors so as to learn the details of her quest.

A few hours later, as she flew away from the city and the people she had known her whole life, she felt as if she was pulled through the clouds by the weight of her new mission.


The Creation of_Isaelle

The Sacred Warriors are far from being your typical religious order. Founded in the ancient times, the Warriors hold powerful rituals and weapons designed to weaken and destroy the minions of the All Mother of Darkness. These resources are so precious, powerful but also dangerous, that few people are even aware of their existence. But with Thasys as endangered as ever and the Kuyilans growing weaker, the Sacred Warriors need to make drastic choices, such as sending their youngest and brightest sister on a dangerous quest. It places a lot of responsibilities on Isaelle’s shoulders, which will make it very interesting for the player!

As I told you in the intro, Isaelle’s quest is intricately tied to the future of the People of the Clouds. Though I can’t tell you more about it for now, let’s say that travelling with her will show you that even lost causes – tasks that only a miracle could accomplish – still need a champion. Especially if it means giving hope to people who have none. But that’s not all. Through Isaelle, you will learn more about the Sacred Warriors, their mission and their means to counter the All Mother of Darkness. And once you know, you will have to ask yourself the same questions as Isaelle and her sisters: under which circumstances should a great power be used? Which sacrifices could be made if it meant saving your people. Or even the whole world?

PS: If you’ve never heard of a lightning sprite, go learn more about it on Wikipedia, it’s quite fascinating!

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