Gerlins: Pistil and Crag

Crag the Gerlin Champion

Crag - The Gerlin Champion

Despite being born with the body of a Meagerlin, Crag was born with an innate sense of fighting. He was trained by Largerlins to the art of combat and his swift intelligence quickly created jealousies. People say Crag was challenged by the young chief of his tribe and tried to force himself to lose – but when he saw the fool running towards his lance, he let him impale himself on his weapon.

The legend of Crag says that for this warrior, such a chief did not deserve to live. For spilling the blood of a leader, he was banned and declared an enemy of all gerlins. He’s now drifting aimlessly across the land on his loyal warbeast, seeking an opponent worthy enough to die against him.
Or so is the story he likes to tell. For the detail of Crag’s past and bits of truth behind the legend, check his full article!

In a Company, Crag has good attacks stats and a quite bad defense (because defending is not respectable).

Here are some of his skills:

  • Knight: keen to face a good challenge, Crag gains an attack buff if his team is outnumbered.
  • Piercing spear: Crag can charge an opponent. Damages are calculated based on the distance (number of squares) between him and his target.
  • Slash-slash-slash: Crag throws multiple strong blows on opponents in front of him (AoE attack).

Crag is definitely the character you want against a player who tries to outnumber you, playing a lot a figs to build a big health pool.


What’s making Crag a Legend ? What is the difference between Crag and “standard” companion ?

He is the only character with a mount. When Crag dies, his warbeast is still on the board. It’s not as strong as Crag, but you can still make some combo attack or use it as a meat shield.

We are still thinking about the lineage bonus of Crag; his bonus should be the same as the gerlins mobs, so it has to be chosen carefuly. 🙂



Pistil – The Gerlin King

Pistil - The Gerlin King

Pistil is caracterized by two main skills:

  • Primitive Blades: Pistil hammers the ground with his two large blades and throws a powerful AoE attack. This blow targets everything in front of him, even the characters of his own team.
  • Natural armor: the enormous mass of fat covers Pistil; even more than a plate mail would do. This passive ability greatly protects him.

As a Boss, Pistil also has a unique set of skills. As King, he can bring his fellow gerlins on the battlefield! Summoning the King brings forth gerlins with him: the gerlins are treated as a fixed resource used to cast Pistil’s special skills without using any Mana.

Gerlins are not exactly characters, they are represented by a counter which goes down as you sacrifice them – reaching zero means this resource ran dry.

Most of Pistil’s actions imply the direct use of gerlins:

  • Pistil grabs a gerlin and throws him against your ennemies like a grenade.
  • A bunch of Meagerlins appears in the ennemy ranks and stabs them randomly.
  • Largerlins trappers come behind the enemies and throw a dangerous rain of arrows at them.
  • When he receives what could have been a fatal blow, Pistil will take a random gerlin and use it as a meat shield.
  • And so on!

Pistil can also be dangerous for your own characters: as he hates being with non-gerlin characters, he will beat the character closest to him at the beginning of his turn.