Dis, the fortress city

Today, I’d like to unveil more about the city of Dis, symbol of the Sorcerer Kings and birthplace of Orin Aki!

The History of DisOur main intention with Dis is to make it a commemorative symbol of ancient times. Dis was built when Mana was still abundant, it is the best example of the immoderate things that could be accomplished during those regretted times.

Dis was erected after a huge war against darkness. A spawn of the All Mother reached Thasys once, because of an experimental portal that had been opened by Sorcerer Kings. The Dragons and Sorcerer Kings repelled the demon after a long and difficult fight, but they were unable to close the portal.

The desert where the combat took place was closed by magical means, and Dis was erected as the final protection to fend off any new invasion.

Geographically speaking, it looks something like this:


Schematic view of the lands around the city of Dis.

The mountains of the Behemoth surround the Desert of Ashes, home to many must-avoid phenomenons and beings; it is there that the portal was built and no one really knows what may still lurk inside. (Well, us devs do, but you know what I mean – Danger! Adventure!).

It is impossible to reach the inland by foot from the sea, and vice versa. The only way past the colossal heights of the Behemoth is through a single passage which runs among the lower mountains. If you were a creature of darkness and trying to, let’s say, disembark on Thasys through the portal, you would have to go through quite a lot.

We recommend the following roadmap to avoid dying in the subzero freeze of the Behemoth:

  •  Cut across the Desert of Ashes, a place of death covered by permanent and thick clouds of ashes.
  •  Move through the Petrified Forest, a once lush jungle turned to razor-sharp stones.
  •  Continue past the Blazing Wall, a line of roaring fire ignited by several giant mirrors hung high in the mountains (bring marshmallows).
  •  Aim for Dis.

If your dehydrated, ragged and roasted slop makes it this far, you would have the pleasure of facing the Heralds of Dis – arguably the greatest fighters alive on Thasys. Godspeed and please send us a selfie when you reach the fortress city!

Dis nowadays

Dis itself is a complex intricacy of interwoven fortified walls – and their heights just keep on rising as one gets closer to the center of the city. The thick walls host colossal war engines and barracks, so that its army is one with the city. To redeem themselves for opening the portal to darkness, the Sorcerer Kings cloistered themselves into Dis, and every inhabitant was considered a member of the soldiery.

This role of protectors has been skewed over the years. Nowadays, the nobility of Dis pursues strict military teachings but use their abilities for their own selfish good. Their education to the principles of Harmony, originally intended as an homage to the Dragons, turned into a stern discipline. The youth of Dis is growing to hate these ethics, and the city faces its lot of rebels.

The population of Dis is mostly made of noble Shirazs, and the families fight in the shadows for political and military power. The plebes are mostly humans bound to serve a family or disgraced nobles who lost their names and rights (Maelis, from the Company of Thorns, is one of those).

The entire city is infused with a magic that allows doors to open before you, plates and drinks to prepare themselves, or even the general temperature to adjust itself to the season. Occasionally, people bump into invisible shapes that are rumored to be bound to the city.

From a bird’s eye view, the walls of Dis form a huge spiral. The richer one is, the closer he lives to the center of the city: the people close to the outer walls live in slums, whereas the elite of Dis lives in its center. Ironically, you will see that Salath, capital city of the Free People, is built around the same principle. We wanted the two cities to be twins, the two faces of the same self-assured and corrupted coin.


The inner towers of Dis, home to the great Sorcerer King Kazim.

The central towers of Dis are the home of Kazim, the great Sorcerer King who reigns over most of the northern realms. He is one of the founders of Dis and still acts as its almighty master. He is a shadowy figure, who seldom comes out in public except during perfectly orchestrated apparitions. From living memory Kazim has never left Dis, and some wonder if he is bound to stay in this place which is almost as old as he is.

Kazim is a remarkably important character in Prodigy, we will reveal a bit more about him when going into the details of Orin Aki’s past. Stay tuned!

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