Salath, the Light of Freedom

Hi everyone! It’s been some time since our last travel in Thasys, right? Since we already took you to the capital city of the Sorcerer Kings, we thought you’d like a tour of Salath, its equivalent for the Free People.

Where Dis is an organized fortress city with a bound army corps and a strict hierarchy, Salath is a real mess: built around its fantastic lighthouse, symbol of the Free People, this cosmopolitan city evolved into a sprawling megalopolis that is managed by as many guilds as there are professions. We wanted Salath to be this oriental-themed city that lives for and thanks to trade, where anyone could become anybody.

On the Streets of Salath

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Humans, the Masters of Manasteel

This article was originally published as a Kickstarter update. Details might have been added or changed to reflect the development of the game.

We’ve talked about the People of the Lanterns, the Gerlins, as well as Witches, Manticores and other fantastic creatures. But shouldn’t we tell you a bit more about the guys who were the breeding-ground for all these magical beings?

The incarnation of free will

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Elae and the shadows of the past

It would be logical to think that Elae’s past couldn’t be that disclosed, since all people of the lanterns are deprived of memory and start their lives as blank pages. Well, that certainly would be true if our beautiful red-haired girl was a normal alhaké. But she is not.
Come, sit and listen to the tale of the woman whose life was built on a single memory.


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Crag, the midget biggerlin

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to plunge into the past of a character that has no strings attached, and didn’t pledge his allegiance to any Faction.
If you had a gift that had been sought after for centuries, but were forbidden to use it because of rules impossible to follow, what would you do? Follow the path Destiny laid before you, or bow to the laws that maintain the fragile balance of your civilization? This was the choice Crag had to make.


Crag was born in a secluded gerlin tribe, among a litter of a dozen or so younglings. As all newborns, he and his brothers were submitted to a test of ability in order to determine if they were to grow as meagerlins, largerlins, or, the rarest of all and seeds of leaders, biggerlins.

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Mana, Harmony, Dissonance & active defense: the new systems, part 1!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

We are very proud to announce that, after months of tweaking, re-thinking and re-tweaking, we have finally settled on an awesome system for Harmony and Dissonance (and stuff).

A quick reminder of where we were last time: we had an Attack and a Defense card, that acted as finishers for the arcana combos (you’d stack arcana cards to select a special move, then finish with either Attack or Defense, depending on the nature of said special move).
During shows or even on our forums, we teased a bit about what we wanted to do with them. We wanted to replace them by two other finishers, Harmony and Dissonance. Harmony would ensure a safe result of the action, whereas Dissonance would give a random damage bonus or malus.

And we went waaay further than that. Behold, the completely new system of mana squares, Harmony and Dissonance!


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Orin, he who is silenced

In today’s DevBlog, we finally get to tell you more about one of the two heroes of Prodigy! Gather round as I tell you about the past of Orin, the Watcher of Thorns.


Orin was born in the Aki family, aristocratic Shirazs that were tightly bound to the service of Kazim, ruler of the northern kingdoms.
His father, Tarund Aki, was a stern man who never displayed any kind of appreciation towards his son. Like many others of his rank, he had been ordered by Kazim to wed a human spouse in order to try to father a child of Fate – a future Watcher. And like many others, he succeeded.

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Onosani, the mongrel of the gods

Last month, I disclosed the background of Soha, the Sister of Sorrow who was subjected to the merciless cruelty of the Free People. Today, I would like to introduce you to Onosani, the companion of Elon whose story led him to actually spend most of his life among Sorcerer Kings. Onosani_story Onosani’s story begins thousands of years ago, at the outbreak of the Great War, when mana sources had just started to wilt and gods still lived on Thasys. Continue reading

The curse of the Witches

Witches are one of the cursed races of Thasys, former humans who didn’t directly degenerated from mana, but from a series of events that shaped their very nature. And their story is a bloody one…

witches origins (1)

Our story begins in the human kingdom of Caldaria, at a time when most magical races had been created from the Dragons’ influence and almost all humans were already free from the touch of mana.

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