Amoa, the Knowledge Bringer

Amoa will soon join the battlefield but, though we talked about the Felis long ago in a Kickstarter update, not much was revealed about this young lady. So, how does one become an accomplished Felis martial artist? And what is there to fear when you’ve accomplished perfect control of your body and your mind? Read on to discover all that and more!

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Maelis, the Outcast Warrior

Maelis is the latest character we’ve unveiled, and we already talked a bit about her once or twice, but not in real details. So we hope you’re ready to discover more about her and how harsh life can be even in Dis, ’cause here we go!

The Story of Maelis

Maelis comes from a family pertaining to the old Shiraz nobility and received the best possible education. As a child, she often founder herself in the company of a boy her age by the name of Orin Aki. Continue reading

Alhakés : the People of the Lanterns

The People of the Lanterns are named after their peculiar lifestyle, which revolves around large magical flowers that hang from giant trees. When a member of the People of the Lanterns is tired or injured, he enters one of the flower pods and emerges refreshed, well-rested, and cured. When a lantern is occupied by someone to cure his body and mind, it emits a golden glow, giving the flowers their name.

When a member emerges from a lantern, his features, the color of his eyes, skin, and sometimes hair have imperceptibly changed and he appears rejuvenated. People of the Lanterns can live virtually forever, but each regeneration they go through erases most of their memories and troubles their sense of time. Thus it is impossible for them to know their own age, or to form real bonds with other people.

Arbres Lanternes

The lantern trees.

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More about Siren’s gameplay

Today, we’ll reveal more information about Siren! This Companion of the Company of Thorns is a character we’re currently working on, and we’d like to share a bit more about her.

Siren face

Siren is a cold and inhuman woman, easily drawn into violent angers, yet she cherishes a deep and secret love for her master.

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