Alpha FAQ

This is the FAQ about the Alpha Phase of Prodigy.

general info

Which platforms is the alpha available on?
The Alpha is available on PC.

In what language is the Alpha available?
The Alpha is available in English.
Because we have a huge French-speaking player-base and that our team is French, we’re providing support in English and French (French-speaking Alpha forums, possibility to fill your bug reports in French, possibility to contact the support team in French). Additional languages might become available in the beta and will definitely be added at launch.

What content is available in the Alpha?
Content will be added little by little, to allow both for the Hanakai team to produce the best content possible and for our Alpha Founders to produce the most focus their feedback on specific content.

Will be available at launch:

  • Characters
    • Orin
    • Toboro
    • Siren
    • Soha
    • (Possibly Zotra, who otherwise will be added shortly after)
    • Elon
    • Rota
    • Elae
    • Isaelle
    • (Possibly Onosani, who otherwise will be added shortly after)
  • Combat mechanics
    • Harmony and Dissonance
    • Active Defense
    • Arcana Affinities
    • Reinforcement
    • Auras
    • First Aid
  • Game Modes
    • Unranked Online PvP
  • Other features
    • Support / Bug report

In the following months, we’ll be adding more characters, the last combat mechanics, games modes (both for PvP and PvE) and various features. Please check out this FAQ or our other platforms regularly to be informed of new content.

Will there be more content in the final game?
Yes, we will keep developing more content and intend to keep some of it outside of the Alpha and the Beta, for you to discover at launch.

What are the system requirement for the Alpha?
We cannot currently give specific requirement for the Alpha.They are likely to be higher than those for the final game, as optimization is one of the many goals of our tests.

Will my progression be carried over to the Beta and final game?
We feel that this decision should be up to our community, that’s why we’ll later on send you a survey on that subject.

I thought that Prodigy was played using a Board? Where’s my Board? When do I get my Board?
We have experienced production delays to ensure that the Board fulfilled all its promises. As we felt that it was more than time for the Alpha to begin, we decided to start it in a fully digital version and send you the Board and all remaining Alpha objects at a later date. We will tell you when to expect a new package as soon as we can. If you’d like more info, you can check this Kickstarter Update.

Is Prodigy gonna get an all-digital version then?
No, that is absolutely not on the table at the moment.

Can I give/lend/sell my alpha access to someone else?
As this Alpha is bound by a Non-Disclosure legal agreement, we ask you not to provide access to your account to another person.

I am an Alpha Founder but I haven’t received an Alpha access/can’t launch the game… What should I do?
Please contact us at, we’ll be happy to help you out!


Am I allowed to show the content of the game to everyone around us and on the internet? Can I upload videos on Youtube? Livestream the game? Post screen captures?
Not at first. When you download the Alpha, you have to agree to a NDA, that we will lift in a short while. We will inform you all when you are free to share your Prodigy experience with others.

What is an NDA?
An NDA (or Non Disclosure Agreement) is a legally-binding agreement between you and us that basically says that you cannot share information about Prodigy publically (that is to say outside of our closed Alpha Forums) without our explicit permission.

What does that mean ?
It means that while the NDA is active, you cannot share info about Prodigy with people who are not part of the Hanakai Team or other Alpha Founders.

  • No livestreaming
  • No sharing, posting or uploading of video footage
  • No sharing, posting or uploading of screen captures
  • No discussion of the Alpha content outside of the Alpha Forums (and yes, that means, no discussion of the Alpha content on the public part of the Official forums)

Why keep this all secret? I love Prodigy and I want to share this love with the rest of the entire world!!
First, thank you for your enthusiastm, we know how this will for our community!
The thing is, the earliest builds of the Alpha might not reflect what the final game will look like. This is a work in progress, and as such, it might contain all sorts of bugs and be unstable, and some content will undoubtly change based on your feedback. We don’t want people to form an opinion on Prodigy based on the such as it is right now.
Also, at this time, we want to focus on the feedback provided by dedicated people who actually played the game, not just watched footage from it. It’s the best way for us to be able to take what you think into account while we continue developing Prodigy.
Finally, the earliest builds of the Alpha might comprise content that has yet to be unveiled to the public. Content needs to be revealed according to a precise schedule for it to grow our community. Please do not break the trust we put in you.

What happens if I break the NDA?
Breaking the NDA will result in sanctions on a case to case basis, up to a ban from the rest of the NDA-bound Alpha as well as an exclusion from all future NDA-bound tests or exclusive previews.

What should I do if I see someone breaking the NDA?
As an independent studio with a small team, it’s difficult for us to have eyes everywhere, so we’d very grateful for any help provided by our community on this matter.
If such a situation arises, please let the person know politely that they are breaking the NDA and that they should delete any content they shared with the public. Some people might not have read this FAQ and might not realise that they are doing something wrong. Please also quickly inform the Hanakai Team (, whether or not the person has deleted the content or not, as we need to know what information has been shared.

When will the NDA be lifted?
It depends on lots of thing (///) so we can’t give you a precise date yet. We reckon it should take between 3 weeks to 2 months for us to be able to lift the NDA. You will of course be informed of it in game as well by the usual means (Kickstarter update, Official Forums announcement, social media…).

So once the NDA is lifted, I can share everything with everyone?
Once the NDA is lifted, you will indeed be able to start sharing your Prodigy experience with everyone. We’ll just ask you not to discuss or share content that pertained to the NDA-bound period, as well as content that pertains to any future NDA-bound test you get invited to. We also ask that you respect the terms of use and any guideline we might provide regarding specific ways of communicating about Prodigy. For example, when we begin the Physical Alpha, we will ask that your Board and figurines are always shown when you livestream or share video footage of the game.


What do you expect from me as a Alpha Founder?
We expect 2 things: for you to have fun and provide us with your honest feedback.

What kind of feedback are you interested in?
Everything! Do the game mechanics work? Is the UI understandable? Are the characters cool-looking? More generally-speaking, are you having fun?

How should I provide feedback?
You can provide your feedback through our Alpha Sub-forums. If you haven’t created an account there yet, please do so while using the same pseudonym and email address as your Prodigy game account. We will check your identity before providing you access to the Alpha Sub-forums.
We are also very likely to send you surveys either in-game or by email. So check your inbox regularly!

How should I report a bug?
You can report bugs through the in-game feature.

How will the Hanakai Team use my feedback?
Members of the Development Team will be checking raw data, bug reports as well feedback summaries compiled by our Community Team. Some members of both teams will also be present on our Official Forums to discuss directly with Alpha Founders.
We will decide changes, improvements and new features based on this process.


I am a Kickstarter Backer / I pre-ordered Prodigy, how come I was not invited to the Alpha?
Alpha Access was only included in some of our Pledge Levels only. After the Alpha, we will launch the Beta, for which an access might have been included at your Pledge Level. Apart from these, we will also be holding Stress Tests and Focus Tests to which Beta Founders, Kickstarter Backers and people who pre-ordered the game will be invited to.

How can I get an Alpha-key/access?
Alpha Packs are not available at the moment. We might make a limited number of them available on our eShop very soon. If you’re interested, please subscribe here to be informed when these flash sales will take place.
If you’re a journalist/youtuber/blogger/fansite who’d like to report on our game, please contact us at We’ll see what we can do on a case to case basis.

When will the Beta start? When will the final game launch?
The Beta and the final game are currently scheduled to be released in the last semester of 2016. We will give you more precise information as soon as we can.

Where can I get the latest news about Prodigy?
To stay updated on everything related to Prodigy, you can:

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Register on our Official Forums
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Subscribe to our Kickstarter Page
  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

Where can I join the Prodigy community?
You can join our community and even some members of the Hanakai Team on our Official Forums as well as on our Facebook Page!

I did not find the answer to my question here. What should I do?
Send us an email at, we’ll be happy to help you!