Light, Motor, Action: Shooting the Cinematics

Hello everyone! My name is Marin and some of you might already know me a little from the devblog article I posted a few months ago. In it, I talked about my work on the user interface to give it a calligraphic look (check out Pierre’s article to see what he did with it!). But that’s not my main role at Hanakai, which I’m here to talk about today: I am Hanakai’s Cinematic Director.

This means I’m in charge of the cinematography and the staging of the scenes, a little like a movie director. To put it more simply, I’m gonna choose where to put cameras, at what angle, when to cut a sequence or add small effects, so as to enhance and highlight the work of the other artists.

I hope you’re ready to see the result of our efforts on our favorite witch’s counter-attack!

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