Mana, Harmony, Dissonance & active defense: the new systems, part 1!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

We are very proud to announce that, after months of tweaking, re-thinking and re-tweaking, we have finally settled on an awesome system for Harmony and Dissonance (and stuff).

A quick reminder of where we were last time: we had an Attack and a Defense card, that acted as finishers for the arcana combos (you’d stack arcana cards to select a special move, then finish with either Attack or Defense, depending on the nature of said special move).
During shows or even on our forums, we teased a bit about what we wanted to do with them. We wanted to replace them by two other finishers, Harmony and Dissonance. Harmony would ensure a safe result of the action, whereas Dissonance would give a random damage bonus or malus.

And we went waaay further than that. Behold, the completely new system of mana squares, Harmony and Dissonance!


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