The Game Design of Maelis

Hi everyone!

This week I’m gonna talk about one of the next characters to join our Alpha. As you’re going to see, Maelis is going to give some additional firepower to her company!

intentions-maelisHere is the list of the narrative intentions for this character, and how they translate into gameplay:

  • Maelis is a basic Companion.
    • Her abilities are less impressive than Guardians and Watchers.
    • She’s a young Shiraz and a former noble lady.
    • Shiraz warriors are taught to use magic as much as physical weapons.
      To regain her status, Maelis has let herself become corrupted by Dissonance.
    • She’s Orin’s childhood friend. It must show in one aspect of her gameplay that they have a unique link
  • She’s part of the Company of Thorns.
    • She has no skill to buff the rest of her team.
    • One of her skills is linked to health points manipulation.


  • Maelis is a mid-range fighter.
    • Her stats do not allow her to comfortably stand on the frontline (she does not have a heavy armor or a lot of HP).
    • She can inflict considerable damages from the second line.
  • Maelis is a grim character.
    • Her physical sequels are a testament to the fact that she’s ready to sacrifice anything if it means regaining her family’s honor. This single-minded obsession surpasses any concern or qualm she might have had once.
    • Her skills must reflect Maelis’ dark and tortured past, as well as the fact that she struggles with who she was and who she has become.


Now that we have covered the intentions, let’s take a better look at what they translate into. Keep in mind that is how they’ll work when we release them in the Alpha, nothing is written in stone!

  • Attack
    • Maelis deftly charges the opponent in front of her. Magic flows into her arm, turning her fingers into deadly claws.
    • The attack deals a good amount of damages to her target.
  • Cold Rage
    • Maelis raises her distorted arm and draws from the life of nearby allies. Allies placed on adjacent squares (in a cross pattern around Maelis) lose life points.
    • This gives Maelis a very important Powerful buff, that makes her attacks more potent. The effectiveness of the buff depends on the number of allies she took health points from.
    • This skill plays on the manipulation of health points, which is typical of the Company of Thorns. It is similar in its sadistic aspect to Orin’s Blade of Blood (hurting allies to gain something).
    • Once Maelis has used Cold Rage, the opponent player should do their best to debuff her, as she might be very dangerous otherwise.


  • Brutal Blow
    • Maelis grows spikes out of her corrupted arm and throws them at the opponents standing in front of her.
    • The character she targeted is dealt heavy damages. Characters placed directly on the right and left of the targeted character also receive damages.
    • If the character she targeted has less health points than her, she deals them even more damages.

Maelis is linked to the Focus Arcana, which is pretty evident for a character so single-minded. She has one goal, and has devoted her entire being to fulfilling it. Talk about focusing on a task…
Plus, it’s the same Arcana as Orin, which makes them one of the few association of characters in the Company of Thorns capable of Affinity Attacks. A good way to show that even though both of them have changed a lot, they still retain some traces of their childhood friendship!

That will be all for today, so I hope that what you’ve read here will help you prepare some awesome strategies base on our favorite Shiraz warrior.

Until then, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think on the Official Forums! What kind of combo can you imagine with Orin and Maelis standing together on the battlefield? What character do you think will be the most efficient against this damage dealer?