Amoa, the Knowledge Bringer

Amoa will soon join the battlefield but, though we talked about the Felis long ago in a Kickstarter update, not much was revealed about this young lady. So, how does one become an accomplished Felis martial artist? And what is there to fear when you’ve accomplished perfect control of your body and your mind? Read on to discover all that and more!


Amoa’s parents were part of a small Felis clan that travelled through the Okale Lowlands towards the mysterious countries of the Unknown South. In the Saan Clan, life was simple and rough, but full of surprises, discoveries and adventure for a young felis. The small group roamed slowly, making stops depending on their needs and whims. Each time they would meet other members of their people, they would carry out the traditional exchange rites. These knowledge exchanges are very ritualised and practiced each time one Felis comes across another, be they friend or foe.

Amoa loved those exchanges that quelled her instincts and sparked her curiosity. Foreheads touching, hands flat upon those of the stranger. She would gently let herself slide in a calm, harmonious, spiritual trance that would give birth to new fascinating ideas in her head. During each of these encounters, her mind would collect new details, some trivial, others astonishing, that would expand her knowledge touches by touches. Once a ritual was done, she would see the world under a new angle.

But like all Felis, Amoa sometimes fell prey to animalistic instincts, an aspect of her life that she hated. Losing control is seldom pleasant to any Felis, but the young girl learned early on how dangerous it could be. She would always remember playing as a small child with her beloved pet, until the day an unchecked impulse left the small body lifeless.

To fight against those urges, the exchange rituals were not enough. That’s where the Master of Secrets came into play and educated the young Felis in the tradition of their people. Each day, he would teach them exercises that would allow them to abate and master their most primal instincts throughout their life.

Amoa was a bright, disciplined student. She showed so much dedication and enthusiasm that her teacher decided to put her through some very special tests. While until then she had learned only to repress her instincts, she would now need to rely heavily on them, while retaining the necessary discipline not to succumb to them. Losing control meant losing her sanity, or maybe her life. Though afraid at first, Amoa managed to retain the delicate balance and to succeed the trial. Her training in the martial arts began the next day.

Amoa's concept art went though several iterations. We wanted her to be very mobile, so her trousers needed to be practical to in.

Amoa’s concept art went though several iterations. We wanted her to be very mobile, so her trousers needed to be practical to in.

Time went by and Amoa grew up to be an accomplished martial artist. Her keen reflexes and her keener mind, as well as her innate fighting spirit made her the most skilled fighter in the clan. Soon, the Master of Secrets did not have much left to teach her and he confided so to the girl’s parents.

Lamo and Asha, Amoa’s father and mother, had often told her of Asterion, the ancestral city of the Felis and the knowledge that literally ran through its streets. They had told her that it was the duty of any able Felis to go back to their former home and gather some of its intellectual treasures. Those that were not strong or resourceful enough to accomplish the pilgrimage – as it was the case for a growing number in their clan – grew weaker against their animalistic regression, unprotected as they were by the solid knowledge of Asterion. Amoa’s parents themselves had undergone the trip before their daughter’s birth. Following their discussion with the Master of Secrets, Lamo and Asha urged their daughter to travel to the ancient city.

Strong-willed and full of youthful spirit, Amoa agreed without reserve. Following her parents’ directives, she took to the road. Any trouble she encountered, she easily overcame, and soon she reached the ruins of Asterion. The young woman was eager and presumptuous. She ventured on the longest avenues, on the most complex tracks, paths so hard that she lost her way and her senses.

It is impossible to describe exactly what happened, but Amoa’s mind ended up unable to stabilize itself. Adrift, she did not manage to understand what she was shown. The young woman absorbed but could not grasp the concepts delivered by the city’s streets, losing the thread of entire sections of culture and science. The tide of knowledge raged through her and she drowned in it, unable to process so much information.

When by chance she finally managed to exit the city, she was drunk on incomprehensible knowledge, planted in her overworked brain without any control or method.


We also made a few changes to her top from the concept art to the ingame model (and the figurine). Here are a few solutions we looked at before deciding!

Unbeknownst to her, several groups of Gerlins had received a very important mission. According to rumors, they had been commissioned to capture any Felis that exited the city by the mightiest of their Kings. One such group had astutely bypassed the Felis sentinels guarding the sacred location and came across Amoa. The young woman, completely distraught, was unable to defend herself and easily fell into their net.

The Gerlin warriors followed the orders they had been given: any individual they caught should be delivered to the hands of the Gerlin shamans. Only they could extract precious information from their prisoner and quench their King’s thirst for forgotten knowledge. So they put her in a cage, and began their long trip back. For months, the young Felis would periodically lose all control of her mind, surviving only thanks to her instincts.

Luckily for her, her kidnappers crossed path with another group of travellers. Elon, Rota and Illis had been on their way to Salath, and dispatching a group of Gerlins was a happy distraction. They freed Amoa and took her with them, caring for the traumatized girl the best they could. Almost wild at first, the Felis recovered her spirits bit by bit. In fact, she began to realize that her restored mind felt stronger, quicker.

By the time they arrived in Salath, Amoa felt anew. Thankful for the help and friendship she had received, she decided to join Elon on his adventures. And if by chance they one day travelled by Asterion… maybe she might unlock the secrets that lied deep in her memories.


With this young woman, we wanted to create a distinct kind of fighter, one that would be cultured and smart. Any art involves a great deal of knowledge, and martial arts are no different. It made sense to give a Felis a training that did not only involve physical feats, but also spiritual and intellectual ones.

Speaking of intellectual feats, once we’d came up with the concept of Asterion, it seemed a shame not to have Amoa visit this wonderful location and fall under its spell. Having absorbed but not having access to it… Who knows what precious information Amoa’s brain hides? And more important even, who knows the key to it?

Furthermore, like many of our characters, Amoa’s story is deeply linked to that of her lineage. She demonstrates the paradox that all Felis embody. Though smart, knowledgeable and even wise, she can still fall victim to her instincts. Though her training has taught her discipline, she can’t help playing with her prays from time to time. As a martial artist, the young woman relies heavily on her instincts, and toes a very thin line indeed…

Are Felis nothing more than brilliantly clever animals? Or are they unfortunate scholars submitted to troublesome genes? There is no good answer to this question, but it makes for many good stories!

So, what secrets could Amoa’s brain hold? And do you think it is wise of her to want to return to Asterion? Tell us what you think on the Official Forums!